Working with Monique is a guarantee for high quality output. Monique performed for us a market analysis, varying from broadly approached to detailed. She showed seniority in all the aspects for the project. easy way of communicating with clear targets which she delivered ontime. Monique is accurate, sharp, her analysis are thoroughly executed and she's flexible when needed. I'd recommend her when asked for.

Andre den Hartog, Manaqer Product-& Business Development at Buisman Ingredients BV

Monique is more than an expert food market research consultant. Her approach has allowed me to make sense out of so many different data points, because she uses my upcoming business decisions as the starting point for her research. Her output is to the point, yet detailed enough and always accurate. One of her methodologies helped me develop my global business expansion strategy. I had to ask Monique for very short turn-around times occasionally, and she always delivered.

Nico Bevers, International Strategy & Business Development Executive

Monique produces work of high caliber on a timely manner. Her deep understanding of the latest market research databases and her unique experience working for the food industry, makes her a highly qualified, effective market research professional.

Werner Barbosa, Global Platform Leader at Tate & Lyle

"Monique was recommended to me by a collegue and now I am happy to pass that recommendation on. Monique is professional, extremely knowledgeable in her subject area and a pleasure to work with"

Ben Perkins, Global Head of Food & Drink Research, Mintel

"Monique possesses a unique combination of strategic and process focused thinking skills that allows her to be simultaneously logical and creative. This flexible approach makes her very effective at guiding a process while providing excellent ideas. Her analytical skills are also highly developed so that she can stay focused while creatively combining large sets of data. These productive methods result in a clear vision for the client with the necessary rationale and next steps required."

Renee Flesch, Partner, The Food Group

"A high level of trust is needed for consultants when outsourcing parts of their key processes. Our office has worked with Monique on several strategy assignments for food ingredient producers and food processors. Monique was a valuable contributor to our teams assisting in market data gathering, analyses, and developing growth projections and scenarios. As we typically work with tight deadlines, the main reason why we continue to work with Monique is her hard working mentality, she has technical know-how and the required market knowledge and network, accuracy and that she always goes the extra mile, allowing us to timely develop comprehensive and insightful strategic analyses".

Robert Reijers, Associate Partner at LRV

"Working with Monique, I got to know her as a dedicated, proactive and pleasant collegue. The information system she delivered was acurate and userfiendly"

Hans Schinck, Area Manager SVZ International B.V.

"During a period of nearly a year Monique has created a Competitive Analyses System for SVZ International b.v. Starting from scratch, she professionally scoped the project and surprised our organization with the industry data she was able to find, analyse and present in a easy to access format. Although only parttime available in our company, she managed to become part of the SVZ team and her skills have helped us beyond the original assignment, notably input in our strategy formulation. Upon completion of the Competitive Analysis System (CAS) Monique made sure her legacy was well embedded within the SVZ organization to make sure CAS will stay up to date. In short: professional, focussed, delivering, pleasant".

Edgar Biemans, SVZ International B.V.

"During the 4 years that Monique has worked with Sensus she has made a great contribution to market insights and supported strategy development for our company. In various ways she has shown to be able to compile market data, analyze trends and give direction for market development. Moreover she has been a pleasant colleague. I can truly recommend her as a seasoned market researcher and market analyst".

Iwan Blankers, Managing Director Sensus B.V.