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Given the overflow of information regarding the how, what, why, and when of sugar reduction, we made this the focus of our first report which we named “Sweet Options”. This report, published in 2018, gives thorough overviews of  all sweet ingredients, the use in food & beverage applications and the trends related to specific positionings/claims, patent landscape (who is doing what), regulation and a categorization of all sweet ingredients according to ISO standards for “naturalness”. This is based on the fact that both sugar reduction and naturalness are the main drivers for this trend. Data partners for this high quality research are Mintel, Clarivate and DGH Consulting (Peter de Cock; ex-Cargill sweetener expert). All these valuable overviews are tanslated in scenarios which are summarized with the key capabilities needed to realize the requirements of the resulting opportunities. Feel free to download the report and let us know what you think.