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Download Kuminda's "Sweet Options"

In 2017, TFG Consulting and Wouw food market analysis started a company called Kuminda Group (which means food in Papiamento). Due to several circumstances we had to stop the Kuminda activities in 2020. In 2018 we made a thorough analysis of the global sweeteners market and marketed the report called “Sweet Options – How the changing landscape for sweet solutions impacts capabilities needed for growth”. We collaborated with DGH consulting, a sweetener expert, to summarize regulatory status and create processing summaries for 156 sweeteners that are used commercially and are in development.  Based on the processing steps used, we’ve applied ISO criteria to determine which ones meet the requirements for “natural” since regulatory agencies are not ready to do so.

Now, two years later we want to offer this report to the industry to show our capabilities as a food ingredient consultant.

If you are interested in reading which 4 plausible scenarios we created from the sweetener foodprint, market status, and patent landscape follow this link and download the report. your feedback will be highly appreciated. 

The report describes that it’s not just about sugar reduction, it’s about sweet options – what they are, what’s used around the globe, who’s patenting what, and what are logical scenarios with key capabilities needed for sweetener use moving forward.

Your company can win by knowing where to make bets on ingredients, technologies and capabilities.